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Wholesale Program

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Vitality is honored to help businesses of all kinds fulfill their coffee needs. From gas stations to boutiques to cafes all around the states, we are grateful for the relationships curated through our wholesale program.

What is our wholesale program?

Our wholesale program is one of our favorite ways to connect with businesses in our community. We take intentional steps to insure that we are collaborating with businesses that match our mission and encourage their passion. While staying local is our focus, we have also been fortunate enough to connect with people across the US including Illinois, Florida, New York, and California. To us, small-businesses directly reflect individuals passions. Getting to be apart of any business that relies on caffeine in any capacity is an honor for us, whether it serves as a gift option at a boutique, a custom blend for a bakery, a featured drip at a coffee shop, or a the break room at a downtown firm.

How to join our wholesale team:

We work on a business-to-business basis to make sure that we are creating partnerships that benefit both parties. This means we don't have any minimum requirements to help us support businesses with varying coffee needs. Email to get more information about how Vitality can be apart of your business.

Where are beans have been (and places you should definitely check out!) :

  1. Vegan East

  2. Statement Boutique

  3. Cafe Steam

  4. Les Sol Boutique

  5. Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

  6. Burns & McDonnell

  7. Milk & Honey

  8. Botanic Alternative

  9. Matinee Coffee Box

  10. Duluth Studio Market

  11. Outermost Acres

  12. Rainbow Girl Bakery

  13. Winnow MN

  14. MunkaBeans

  15. Acadia Cafe

  16. Milkweed

  17. 36 Lyn

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