Frequently asked questions

Can I order online to pickup?

Yes! When you go to check out, there is an option for free pickup if you live in the Twin Cities area. The pickup location is at Vitality Roasting in the downtown Skyway. We also keep a full stock of beans at both Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar locations. If one of these two locations is more convenient for you, feel free to stop there and grab a bag. Bonus: You'll get a free drip coffee!

What is the best way to make coffee at home?

Our coffee is complimentary to any machine or technique. Pourover and french press are the go-to way for our team, but pot roast and reusable Keurig cups also work great! We do recommend our Midway or Vital Eyes for espresso.

Can I order beans as a gift?

Absolutely, coffee is the best gift! When you are placing the order, feel free to leave a message for us to include in the package as well.

Where should I park when going to the coffee shop?

Street parking is the best way to go downtown. There is parking around the corners of Marquette and Sixth that almost always have spots.